Team Member

Malesela John Lamola

Associate Professor
Institute for Intelligent Systems (Affiliations: IEEE, CODESRIA, ISAPS)

Philosophy of technology, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Malesela John Lamola obtained his PhD in Philosophy and Theology from Edinburgh University, and an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, USA). He is a professional member of the Society on Social Implications of Technology of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), the founding principal of APDiT (Research Group on Africa, Philosophy and Digital Technologies), and a founder member of the Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa. He is a rated researcher (C2) with the National Research Foundation of South Africa. His research interests are on the intersection between Social Philosophy in the context of the emergence of African Modernity and the Philosophy of Science and Technology. He publishes on the epistemology of Marxism, applications of Sartre’s existential anti-colonial philosophy to contemporary African socio-ontological challenges, and on the representation of Africa in the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Prior to his return to fulltime academic life in 2011 he managed a proprietary private equity investment portfolio that included holdings in aviation and internet technologies, whilst serving as a business consultant and director of companies


Lamola, M. J. 2021. “An Ontic-ontological Theory for Ethics of Designing Social Robots: A Case of Black African Women and Humanoids” Ethics and Information Technology, 23 (2): 119-126;

Lamola, M.J 2021. “The future of Artificial Intelligence, posthumanism and the inflection of Pixley Isaka Seme’s African humanism”. AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.

Lamola, M.J 2021. “Covid-19, Philosophy and the leap towards technological posthuman”, Phronimon, Vol. 21.